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Allstate Motor Club offers great motoring plans that appeal to a wide array of travelers:

1. Allstate Motor Club’s newest and most popular package, the Deluxe Membership Plan, is now available to affiliates. Depending on the member’s state of residence, the Deluxe Plan is offered at $64.80 per year for the affiliate network and provides everything a family needs for peace of mind while traveling. Your commission for the Deluxe Plan is now more than $19!

2. The Platinum Elite plan takes roadside assistance to a new, premium level. For just over $100 a year, depending on location, members can gain exclusive benefits that they won’t find elsewhere. Your commission for Platinum Elite membership is now more than $30!

3. For no-nonsense, basic protection, Allstate Motor Club offers the Roadside Advantage plan for $52 a year, or as little as $1 a week. This is a great plan for quick and reliable roadside coverage. Your commission for the Roadside Advantage plan is now more than $15!
All members gain instant access to Allstate Motor Club’s exclusive Access Benefits program where they can also save up to 50% on the best brands in entertainment, shopping, travel and more. Please update your Allstate Motor Club text links & banners on your site now. Take this opportunity to get ahead of the competition and bring in more commission this upcoming summer. We are in the process of designing bonus programs for our top performing affiliates so look for more info to come!

All State Motor Club Affiliate Program offers:
- 30% commission on every sale
- 60 days of tracking cookie

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30% commission on every sale

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60 Day(s)

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Men, Women, Gay, Lesbian, Trans Gender

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United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand (Aotearoa)

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18 To Above 60

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