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So what happens if you’re climbing up a 100ft tree and your foot slips? In fact let’s make it more interesting. Let’s say the tree’s hanging over the Amazon River and its rushing torrents are ready to flush you down some class 5 rapids. But then it gets worse. A tree limb rips through your cargos. As it skewers you like a kebab, leaving you suspended upside down, you think, “This is no minor wardrobe hiccup.” As you hang by the threads of some serious danger pants, you remember that you’re Bear Grylls. You’re the survival dynamo and host of the Discovery Channel’s Man Vs Wild. With a quick whip and snip of your pocket knife, you cut yourself free, swing onto a branch and survive. But barely. And as it turns out, bare-legged.

This sort of inconvenience has happened one too many times for Bear. After trying for years to find the best adventure-wear, he asked us to partner with him to create a range of survival clothing designed exclusively for the sort of missions he undertakes. And with the level of abuse his globetrotting antics produce each year, Bear needed to find a company that’s been there and done it all before. As the UK’s top high-performance clothing company, we’ve been making stubbornly sturdy stuff since 1965. Bear passed our test. Fortunately, we passed his as well.

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