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CareOne providers are proud to be able to offer a different approach to helping consumers with their debt. We avoid the “one size fits all” approach you’ll find with other providers. Instead, we work to provide flexible, effective debt relief options and help consumers select the program that best meets their needs. The counseling, resources and tools we offer are designed to help you pay down your debt, change the way you look at credit, and develop solid money management skills. Our debt relief services work – and the proof is in the numbers:

CareOneSM has helped over 4.5 million people.
Our customers paid down $705 million in debts in 2008.
We have solid relationships with over 220,000 creditors.

Why Advertise the CareOne brand of credit counseling services?
* Our advertising fees are based on the leads your advertising generates. We pay you $15 per qualified lead except where prohibited by law.
* Our lead generation form is simple - only seven fields with very little personal data.
* Low qualification criteria for qualified leads.

What Constitutes a Qualified Lead?

A lead comes to the CareOne homepage seeking debt relief, clicks on the let's begin button, completes the seven data fields on page 2 of the site and submits that data. Required data fields are:

* First Name
* Last Name
* Email Address
* Zip Code
* Total Unsecured Debt
* Number of Accounts
* Phone Number
* A qualified lead must have $2,500 in unsecured debt and at least 2 accounts.

Suggested Web Advertising and Promotion Efforts
Banner Placements

* Home pages of personal finance or debt and credit sites
* Personal finance/credit/debt pages
* Exit on purchase confirmation pages
We pay $15 per qualified lead with 1 day tracking cookie.

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Recurring Duration:

Cookie Duration :
1 Day(s)

Customer Demographics
Gender :
Men, Women, Gay, Lesbian, Trans Gender

Top Countries :
United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand (Aotearoa)

Other Countries :

Age Group :
18 To Above 60

Keyword Policy
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Affiliate Network
- LinkConnector

Tracking Method:
- Pixel Code Tracking

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Organic Search Engine Optimization

PPC Search Engine


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