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Digital photo frames are one of the hottest must-have items for today’s consumers and they’re only growing more and more popular. With CEIVA, you can take part in this highly profitable, ever-growing market and watch your revenues soar or miss out on your piece of the profit pie.
As an affiliate, CEIVA is offering you a 20% Sale Commission and 10% Two-Tier Commission. Our average sale amount is over $100. That means more money in your pocket.

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60 Day(s)


Customer Demographics
Anyone who wants to immortalized all their memories. Imagine the joy of waking up to new photos sent from friends or family thousands of miles away, the convenience of a new slideshow displayed without you having to do a thing and sharing and celebrating life with those you love the most. That’s the magic of CEIVA.

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Men, Women

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United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand (Aotearoa)

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18 To Above 60

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- No Trademarked/Restricted terms as Searched Keywords
- No Trademarked/Restricted terms In the ad-copy
- No Trademarked/Restricted terms in display URL as subdomain
- May not link directly to us
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Rules Regarding Paid Search Listings

We understand that many affiliates use Search Engine Marketing (PPC) as part of their marketing efforts. This official notice is being made in an effort to strike a balance (and maintain clear lines of distinction) between CEIVA’s proprietary search marketing efforts as well as those of our SEM partners. To that end, it is also being made in order to minimize the effect of competing with our own partners in the marketplace. Again, we are disallowing keyword bidding on our "core" keywords ONLY.

1. You may not represent you or your website as

2. You may not use or display or variations thereof in either the copy/advertisement or the display URL. Variations include foreign country or other top-level domain extensions.

3. You must follow common search engine guidelines, such as: (a) your display URL must match the ultimate actual destination URL; (b) you may not frame our website as a landing page; or (c) you may not create “redirects” or “jump pages” that immediately direct to our website.

4. You shall not purchase or register search engine keywords, AdWords, search terms or other identifying terms(together, “keywords”) that include the word "CEIVA" or any variations thereof for use in any search engine, portal, sponsored advertising service or other search or referral service. Specifically, this policy prohibits you from bidding on:

o "CEIVA" and any keyword string that includes this term, for example, "CEIVA frames", "", "CEIVA PicturePlan", "CEIVA receivers", “”, etc.;

o Variations of CEIVA’s trademarks: for example "ceiva com", "ceivacom", "", "ceiva-com", "ceiva+com", "www.ceivacom", "", etc.; or

o Any form of our trademarks or variation or misspelling thereof in connection with foreign country or other domain extensions.

5.In addition to the foregoing, you must register or establish the following negative keywords with each search engine from which you purchase or register keywords: “ceiva,” “,” and “”

6. All promotions or claims reflected in your copy/advertisement must be accurate at any time that the ad is running.

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- Pixel Code Tracking

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