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CORE-Golf,The "Core pro impact trainer" is a new and exciting golf swing training aid. The training club helps golfers improve their swings, making it easy for golfers to hit the ball further and straighter in a matter of a few swings! It has been developed by European Tour Member Paul Affleck and comes with a FREE 30 minute instructional DVD. It' also perfect for correcting swing faults that established golfers have that produce poor shots such as slicing, topping and shanking.

CORE-Golf inviting all Golfers, Trainers and beginners to visit the website to gain more information about how to use the core with the 'free swing tip videos'. The product has enjoyed huge success amongst coaching professionals throughout the world, including the P.G.A of America Coach of the Year in 2009.

CORE-Golf Auto-Approved Affiliate Program will pay 10% commission of the cost of the product ($99) and will not receive 10% of the overall cost of the transaction which will include carriage. Tracking cookie last for 60 Days. Join us be a member and part of our still growing success! Sign up NOW!
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