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Doba offers new and existing online businesses a hassle-free way to expand their product catalog. Members can sell Doba products on eBay or any other online marketplace at a markup. The user then purchases the product at a wholesale price and has it shipped directly to the customer! We give members a 7 day Free Trial, and give affiliates commission on both the Free Trial and any commission fees for the lifetime of the customer.
By paying on BOTH the lead and the sale, Doba combines both an incentive for free trial quantity and quality. We pay $5 per free trial and 10% of lifetime subscription fees for referrals.

Currency :


Percentage of Sale :

Recurring :

Recurring Duration:

Cookie Duration :
120 Day(s)


Conversions :
4 - 5%

Customer Demographics
Our best customers have an entrepreneur mindset and are looking for new business ideas and opportunities. People looking to supplement or replace their income and stay at home moms are also great target customers. New and professional eBay sellers fit these demo and psychographics pretty well.

Gender :
Men, Women

Top Countries :
United States, Canada

Other Countries :

Age Group :
25 To 55

Keyword Policy
Keyword Restriction :

- No Trademarked/Restricted terms as Searched Keywords
- No Trademarked/Restricted terms In the ad-copy
- May not bid higher than us
- May not link directly to us
Keyword Policy :
Doba currently engages in a large PPC campaign. We allow our affiliates to bid on any keywords we are, but we ask that you not outbid us. You are allowed to bid on anything, but please bid with us, never pricing your bid above ours. This way we both are able to take advantage of this great traffic resource and bids remain at affordable levels for all.

We actively protect our trademark key terms "Doba" and "". Affiliates, competitors and other entities are completely disallowed from bidding on these specific terms on any PPC engine.

Publishers can not direct link to the Doba site. All publishers must host their own landing page with it's own display URL, which can then promote the Doba subscription. Publishers may be eligible for special landing pages built by Doba, if performance and quality can be proven.

Restricted Keywords :
Doba and

Recomended Keywords :
buy wholesale, drop ship, drop ship company, drop ship distributor, drop ship product, drop ship wholesale, drop ship wholesaler, drop shipper, drop shipper wholesale, drop shippers, drop shipping, drop shipping company, drop shipping wholesale, drop shipping wholesaler, dropship, dropship company, dropship distributor, dropship product, dropship wholesale, dropship wholesaler

Affiliate Network
- CJ (Commisison Junction)
- Kolimbo

Tracking Method:
- Batch Upload

Promotion Methods
Organic Search Engine Optimization

PPC Search Engine


Contextual Advertising

Lead Batch Uploads

Hosted Co-Registrations

Non Hosted Co-Registrations(Link out)

Blogging / Forum Postings

3rd Party Ad Networks



Own/Publisher Website

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