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Do you host a Home and Garden site? Do you want to earn dollars (not pennies) for each lead you generate?

The Done Right! Affiliate Program is perfect for your needs. We advertise for thousands of merchants across the nation, providing virtually every Home and Garden today's homeowner needs. You can rest assure that your viewers will see relevant ads that direct them only to reputable service professionals.

All you need is an appropriate website with a valid URL, and a valid mailing address. So go ahead, sign up and begin earning today! Visit us at and our customer service reps are ready to help.
The cost per lead structure pays the affiliate 50% of the lead price, which varies by multiple factors. A lead occurs when a successful call to a merchant occurs. A direct lead happens when the consumer dials the number listed in the ad on the affiliate's site, or indirectly when the consumer clicks through to the Done Right! website and then dials. All user paths are tracked and results are displayed within the reporting system provided available on the Done Right Affiliate site.

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Customer Demographics
Our customers are home owners or landlords either maintaining housing structures or considering variations of housing remodels.

Gender :
Men, Women

Top Countries :
United States

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Age Group :
18 To Above 60

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Recomended Keywords :
home improvement, home repair, home design, remodel, do it yourself, diy, contractor, handyman, cooling, heating, roofing, gutter, electrician, landscape, plumber, denver, san diego, houston, dallas, ft. worth

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