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A compilation of health food affiliate programs.
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USD 40% Per Sale, Recurring: No
Cookie Duration: 90 day(s)
Intechra Health Inc. is a proudly-American company striving to be a leader in the nutraceutical industry. We are committed to using the highest possible standards in product labeling, ingredients and safety.

USD 10% Per Sale, Recurring: No
Cookie Duration: 30 day(s)
Tula’s CocoKefir produces powerful probiotics made with raw young coconut. CocoKefir LLC is dedicated to providing fermented food products of the highest quality that help enrich people’s lives, especially those suffering from gastrointestinal issues.

Recurring: Yes 60 Day(s)
Cookie Duration: 60 day(s)
OceanGrown Inc. utilizes the powerful and user-friendly program, Affiliate Pro. Affiliates can join the OceanGrown movement and help re-mineralize the world with our organic fertilizers. We offer a unique and effective product in a market that is growing exponentially. Please contact our affiliate manager at and let us help y...

USD 20% Per Sale, Recurring: No
Cookie Duration: 365 day(s)
At Healthier Living 4 You, we provide individual consumers and the professional market with a range of revolutionary health products that are necessary to improve, maintain, and lead a healthy lifestyle.

USD 15 Per Sale, Recurring: No
Cookie Duration: 45 day(s)
Kona Kase helps you find the right endurance nutrition products. Each month our members received a Kase of 8-10 nutrition samples at their doorstep for $15. Our affiliate program is on Shareasale. We are offering our affiliates 100% of the first month's sale from a new customer ($15). Our affiliates also earn 15% of each sale generated by a...

USD 8% Per Sale, Recurring: No
Cookie Duration: 30 day(s)
At You Bars, you can design your own hand-made bars from scratch. The You Bar website gives you this ability through their Build-A-Bar interface where you can select the size, ingredients, and amounts of ingredients in your personal energy bar.

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