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A compilation of health and beauty related affiliate programs.
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USD 8% Per Sale, Recurring: No
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Health Supplement Wholesalers is committed to providing quality dietary supplement ingredients to businesses and consumers. Health Supplement Wholesalers seeks to provide the lowest prices to customers on raw health supplement ingredients.

USD 10% Per Sale, Recurring: No
Cookie Duration: 30 day(s) is a division of Sparkling White Smiles LLC Dental Lab. We offer a simple solution for millions to reduce the discomfort caused by teeth grinding and clenching, also known as bruxism.

USD 12% Per Sale, Recurring: No
Cookie Duration: 30 day(s)
Redd Remedies produces the highest quality nutritional supplements in the market, addressing the needs of its retail and online consumers through proven formulations. In Redd Remedies formulas, you will find traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, aromatherapy, European herbals and more. Our products work quickly, going beyond the surface...

USD 33% Per Sale, Recurring: No
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Through continued innovation in science and technology, AnuMed seeks to provide its customers with the highest quality products, while striving to connect Nature and her bounty on the one hand and our manufacturing practices on the other.

USD 15 Per Sale, Recurring: No
Our Moringa capsules, powders, oils, and seeds are sourced from eco-conscious farms around the world, and are 100% natural, pesticide, herbicide, and chemical free, so your entire family can enjoy the rewards of a healthy, nutrient dense, whole food supplement.. We are open to many different types of affiliates. Join NOW! and be rewarded with th...

Recurring: No is the leader in natural & organic dietary supplements. The goal of starting this company was to encourage people to pursue healthier, more productive, and meaningful lives. Our brand skews 72% female with a large demographic of 22-41. We pride ourselves on ingredients that are as unique as our consumers. is offering a commi...

USD 18% Per Sale, Recurring: No
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Our mantra from the very start has been to make better tools for better living. Following in that tradition, we recently introduced the world to YogaHands, the sister product to YogaToes®. Its solid design provides hand therapy in just minutes.

USD 12% Per Sale, Recurring: No
Cookie Duration: 45 day(s)
LUMOback is the first posture sensor and mobile application to support healthy backs. LUMOback is the simplest way to track your posture and maintain healthy form during your busy life. Stand taller and feel better using the LUMOback posture sensor and mobile app.

20%% of Sale, Recurring: No
Cookie Duration: 90 day(s)
Nutronics Labs Nutronics Labs specializes in the production of the World's Purest, and Most Potent Natural IGF-1 supplement on the market. The natural source of Nutronic's IGF-1 is New Zealand Deer Antler Velvet Extract.

USD $8 Per Sale, Recurring: No
Cookie Duration: 60 day(s)
Lose It! is designed with one goal - to help you lose weight in healthy, sustainable way. No magic pills, no crazy diets - just a simple, easy-to-use program that helps you stay in your calorie budget.

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