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Category : Telecommunications
Secondary Category: Online/Wireless offers a vast spectrum of Mobile Entertainment for mobile Phones. Including games, ringtones, skins and very soon Text Alert Services for many topics. Members of TuneClub use their Sub, which costs 9.99 USD per month and includes 30 Credits, and get a Bonus Ringtone with their Thank You for Joining. The credits can be used for the full Mobile Entertainment range, e.g. games, ringtones and graphics.- Tune up your Cellphone!.

Your Earnings:
As a welcome offer TuneClub provides a very attractive scale until the end of January:
1 - 74 Sales/month: 15.00 USD
75- 149 Sales/month: 16.00 USD
150 and more Sales/month: 17.00 USD
What's more, even after this promotion the lowest payout will be 15.00 USD!
User tpye in their mobile number on a landing page (Google- -Users have to mark the Ts&Cs) - Get a PIN via SMS on their mobile phone - type in this PIN again on the page. By clicking "OK" the transaction is complete

Currency :


Recurring :

Recurring Duration:

Cookie Duration :
45 Day(s)

Customer Demographics
Gender :
Men, Women

Top Countries :
United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand (Aotearoa)

Other Countries :

Age Group :
18 To Above 60

Keyword Policy
Keyword Restriction :

- No Trademarked/Restricted terms as Searched Keywords
Keyword Policy :
There are some special conditions for SEM/SEO:
a) TuneClub is a trademarked brand, which may not be used in display texts and not in keywords or domains. Besides it is not allowed to use the brands of our competitors.
b) You may not outbid Tuneclub in the Search Engines Paid Listings. This rule relates to the Top Ranking in the Paid Listings (Top5)
c) Please include an imprint and contact information to your website to make sure that it is an independent offer.
d) A direct transfer (also via iFrame) to our website is not allowed in the keyword buying. Partners who work with keyword buying should create their own landing page with their own content. It is not allowed to use our existing landing page without your own content because all affiliate sites would be looking similar. Such an approach would call Google and other search engines to the scene which leads to sensitive changes in their rules. If possible create the landing page in your own 'Look and Feel' so your website differs from other competitors.
e) Should these rules be ignored we may pause or, in serious cases, end our relationship.

Affiliate Network
- CJ (Commisison Junction)

Tracking Method:
- Pixel Code Tracking

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Organic Search Engine Optimization

PPC Search Engine


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Lead Batch Uploads

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