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A compilation of current law related affiliate programs.
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30% of Sale, Recurring: Yes, Permanent
Cookie Duration: 60 day(s)
The Web Site is owned and operated by WebSiteBroker, Inc. a California Corporation. was originally started in 1996 by a Los Angeles law firm and has evolved into one of the most popular legal web sites on the Internet. It is offered as a free service to the entire Internet Community. Please note that WebSiteBroker, Inc. is n...

USD 3 Per Lead, Recurring: Yes, Permanent
Cookie Duration: 90 day(s) matches those seeking legal help with attorneys throughout the United States since 2001. A good quality traffic seeking legal help in ALL areas of law in the United States and Canada. Benefits Include: Unlimited Consultations, Document Review, Discounts, and most importantly...the ability to speak with attorneys specializing...

USD 25 Per Sale, Recurring: Yes, Permanent
Cookie Duration: 180 day(s)
eLegalPlans provides legal matters for individuals, families and business. An affordable access to qualified Attorneys and Lawyers throughout the United States. eLegalPlans always looking for quality affiliates to join and promote our offer. Enjoy a $25 commission on all sales generated from banners, text links, emails and direct marketing. It's...

25% of Sale, Recurring: Yes, Permanent
Cookie Duration: 90 day(s)
Net Lawman is a Legal Documents Center on line and all written in simple English. Net Lawman has the largest collection of on line legal documents and forms. We sell predominantly to other businesses but to individual consumers too. This is a relatively new concept, although competition is growing. We believe we provide the best quality documents ...

20% of Sale, Recurring: No
Cookie Duration: 45 day(s)
We've got the solutions for you to pass urine drug test, job drug test, court drug test, military drug test, hair or saliva drug test. We also sell alcohol breath analyzers, paternity test kits, hangover pills, pregnancy test kits, allery and mold test. If you're interested in our products, do visit our website. Affiliates who signpu with us and...

Recurring: No
Cookie Duration: 60 day(s)
idCURE is the unique identity immunization that's a fully-managed answer to our fastest-growing crime. Our unique identity immunization has a 100% success rate at curing identity theft, and delivers value to your customers as it helps to combat our nation's fastest-growing crime. Becoming an idCURE Affiliate means that you gain more than access...

USD 39.99 Per Sale, 20%% of Sale, Recurring: Yes, Permanent
Cookie Duration: 365 day(s)
Estate++ was developed in response to the need for quick and reliable access to information for estate settlement and emergency purposes. Unlike services that only provide PC backup, Estate++ focuses on the preservation of information needed to recover from natural disaster, theft, and family loss. Estate++ is a subscription service which is renewe...

65% of Sale, Recurring: No
EPC: 365.00 provides instant nationwide search system will check thousands of sources, public databases, and proprietary search databases and let you download and view the records reports within minutes. Make 65% commission on each sale you refer. Also refer other affiliates and make 10% off their sales forever.

28% of Sale, Recurring: No
Cookie Duration: 100 day(s)
As one of the largest incorporating service companies (forming LLC's, S-Corporations, Non-profit Corporations, et al) in the United States, American Incorporators provides a comprehensive range of services to companies, entrepreneurs, freelancers, home-based businesses, and individuals wishing to incorporate in any of the 50 states. For each of...

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