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Mars, Incorporated has published or supported more than 100 scientific publications and holds more than 80 patents resulting from work with institutions including Harvard University and the University of California, Davis. Mars Botanical will continue this global scientific leadership aimed at investigating the biomedical potential of cocoa extract and flavanols.

Mars, Incorporated has pioneered analytical techniques and developed standards that are essential for the analysis of flavonoids. A key milestone was reached in 2004 when Mars, Incorporated collaborated with USDA and Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc. to create the USDA Database for the Proanthocyanidin Content of Selected Foods. Additionally, Mars, Incorporated assisted with the newly updated USDA Database for the Flavonoid Content of Selected Foods. Both of these databases are now globally available for use by scientists and nutritionists to decipher levels of phytonutrients in a wide range of foods.

Mars Botanicals is excited to offer the following commission structure and incentive program:

• 12% of sales up to $2,000 per month
• AOV of $70
• 45 day action referral period Performance

• 14% commission on sales exceeding $2,000 in a calendar month
• 16 % commission on sales exceeding $4,000 in a calendar month Please see Terms of Agreement for program limitations.

Specifically, no PPC activity unless coordinated through the program manager. In addition to its newest product, CirkuHealth, Mars Botanical™ will continue to launch a number of exciting new products throughout 2010.

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