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Molecule Clothing is a distinctly Thailand platform for fashion and design. Located in the bustling heart of Bangkok, our factory designers draw their inspiration from the electric energy of the city and its visitors and represent the most promising talent of Thailand's creative explosion. Since being named as "the city's most respected traveller clothes manufacturer", Molecule Clothing has developed into a landmark for progressive design in Thailand.

On her recent visit to Thailand, Sasha Mhanarot of Fashion Weekly wrote "Molecule Clothing, the cutting-edge designers from Bangkok, could be a template for the next millennium of Thailand and global style".

Molecule Clothing features the best of established 'global traveller chic', with clothes that are specifically designed to a) look good in a wide range of settings, and b) be durable enough to survive through whatever life throws at them.
The progressive clientele of travellers, photographers, chefs, musicians, construction workers and artists allow Molecule Clothing to be a living, breathing, changing organism.

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