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Relora Max is a stress management formula which helps in managing and controlling stress and it also helps in control weight gain caused by stress-influenced eating. Being an affiliate of this product will benefit you as well as others. You can get good income and you can help others manage their stress. The rate of commission can be up to 50% of the sales. You may also get additional commission from reorders.
The rate of commission paid out on sales is up to 50%. You will be notified of any changes in the rate of commission through email. Most of the time, you will receive a notice about a month or two in advance informing you about the change in the rate of commission.

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60 Day(s)

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Relora Max is for those people who are stressed out and who have the propensity to eat a lot due to stress. Not only the working people but people who work at home also have stress and they can take Relora Max to manage their stress and control weight gain due to stress related eating. Both men and women can take this product.

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Men, Women

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United States

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18 To Above 60

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Stress relief and weight loss, manage stress and weight gain, prevent stress and weight gain, control stress related eating, Relora Max.

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