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The Silver and Gold Exchange is the first and only Gold and Silver buyer we know of that utilizes an independent, impartial, third party testing laboratory to analyze, test, weigh and evaluate your items! This method ensures a fair, unbiased appraisal of your silver and gold so you receive the best and fairest price possible!

We are not pawn brokers. We are not jewelers. We are not refiners. We are more like “brokers” who arrange the sale of your items at a higher price than most metals buyers will pay. We deal with an exclusive group of private investors and collectors as well as wholesale buyers.

We utilize a set pricing system (our live price chart) to ensure fairness and consistency. When you approve the sale of your items, we bill the buyer and pay you immediately so you do not need to wait for payment from a third party.

The Silver and Gold Exchange was formed after we witnessed the appalling way the public is treated by many other gold and silver buyers.
We were certain that if we simply reduced our overhead and streamlined our operation, and dealt with buyers who were willing to pay more than refiners, we could obtain more money for YOU, the seller..

More importantly, we knew that if we handled every single transaction with honor and integrity, word would spread that there was an honest alternative in an industry that has been increasingly recognized as unethical.

We were right! Word of mouth has been traveling fast and our reputation has been bringing in more new clients than any advertising we could hope to do.

We love what we do and we are having FUN doing it!

Also by joining, you will be atuo-approved if you reside in the US, plus the program has a 60 days of tracking cookie. You will also be receiving $10 per lead.

We are looking forward to speaking with or emailing you soon!
$10 per lead

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