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WholePort is your one-stop-shop for everything crafting online. We offer a huge selection of quality products, delivered directly to your door.
You will get a 10% commission for every confirmed purchase you facilitate on our website. You can check it from Income record.Commissions for our affiliates will be paid on the 10th of each month, which include all of your income during the previous month. You can apply for transferring the money to your Paypal then. We will process your withdraw request in 3 working days.

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30 Day(s)

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7 Day(s)

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All Supplies for Beautiful Handmade Life,it seems most of our customer are housewife.

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Men, Women

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United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand (Aotearoa)

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15 To 60

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- No Trademarked/Restricted terms as Searched Keywords
- No Trademarked/Restricted terms In the ad-copy
- No Trademarked/Restricted terms in display URL as subdomain
- No Trademarked/Restricted terms anywhere in the display URL
- May not bid higher than us
- May not link directly to us
- No Trademarked/Restricted terms in the Page Title
Keyword Policy :
10.1 Keyword Bidding and Use of WholePort in search advertising:
The WholePort brand name is the property of East China Online Trading Ltd. and is protected by Hong Kong and international laws. At this time, WholePort does not allow affiliates to bid on the WholePort brand or words bearing a strong resemblance to it to attract traffic to their own sites. We reserve the right to remove any affiliate in breach of this from the WholePort Affiliate Program, refuse to pay for sales generated and take legal action if it is aware of initiatives of doubtful intention or that which might damage the company's image or that of its partners. The same is applicable for any initiative that might damage the reputation of WholePort or any exploitation of the name for purposes extraneous to the affiliation.
10.2 Prohibited Activities.
The following keywords in ANY match type: broad, phrase, advanced, specific, exact, quoted etc. Affiliate is not allowed to bid on WholePort as a keyword – irrespective whether a broad match or a specific match. Other terms banned from Affiliate’s bids are: WholePort, WholePort.COM, WholePort COM, WWW WholePort, WWW WholePort COM, WWW.WholePort.COM, WholePort.US, WholePort Corporation, WholePort Group, WholePort, WholePortS, WholePot. Displaying the Term WholePort in the sponsored advertisements – the term WholePort in part, or full, or as a part of a phrase. Displaying the term in ads includes the display in the Ad Title, Heading, Description, URL and Display URL. Redirecting the clicks to, or any page within from the SEM sponsored ads. (Your sponsored Ad must redirect the visitor to your URL/Website and not to Once the visitor lands on the advertised url/website, then a redirection should be done to WholePort.) Displaying the term WholePort in sponsored ads’ URLs, such as the following:,,,,,, etc. Substituting the “O”s with Zeroes in the word WholePort – (example – Wh0leP0rt instead of WholePort) is as much as a violation as using the term WholePort. Practices like these will not be ignored or viewed as permissible. Adding the ® sign or © sign or TM sign after the word WholePort in any publication.
10.3 For all Cash Back, Rewards, Discounts, Coupon oriented Affiliates. WholePort allows the above mentioned group of affiliates to bid on specific terms such as WholePort discounts, WholePort rewards, WholePort coupons, WholePort savings, WholePort deals – the terms being allowed in singular and plural (example – WholePort coupons and WholePort coupon are both allowed). Note the above permission does not allow you to bid on the broad or specific keyword WholePort. Kindly adhere only to the above allowed keywords.
10.4 General: Please check regularly for new arrivals or campaign offerings. ALL craft supplies and categories WholePort.COM features and sells are allowed to be used as keywords for all Search Engine Marketing activities, as well as internal search on the publisher’s websites. Please be advised that using the term WholePort in all SEM activities is forbidden under the terms of contract between the affiliates and Specifically, please note the following activities are banned and carrying out the same will result in closing affiliation and non-payment of pending commissions.

Restricted Keywords :
WholePort, WholePort.COM, WholePort COM, WWW WholePort, WWW WholePort COM, WWW.WholePort.COM, WholePort.US, WholePort Corporation, WholePort Group, WholePort, WholePortS, WholePot

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- CJ (Commisison Junction)

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